Heaven is not what Kai imagined.

The sun scorches, myths run free, and Kai has everything but the one thing that would make him happy—his true love, Sophia, who is stuck in the perilous city of Asphodel.

To get her to Elysium, Kai must fulfill a dubious deal with the mortal council that speaks for missing gods and confront a scourge of myths—creatures wrought from the desires of those unsatisfied with an imperfect afterlife.

Kai is no Hercules, but he is able to speak with so-called monsters spanning world traditions to new legends. Yet, no matter what he does, the council stalls, and he sneaks illegal rendezvous with his love at the fence between cities.

Caught between his duty to Elysium and the one he loves, Kai needs to overcome more than myth before heaven burns and love decays into death.