Detective Death

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Fantasy meets Sherlock Holmes, where Watson is a sarcastic death god.

Zarik yearns to be forgotten. Once a god, vanquisher, and world-record holder for most apples eaten in an hour, the daeva despises being known as a demon. After being summoned to kill, the ancient deity is surprised to be released for the first time in centuries.

But freedom is fleeting. Hunted by an immortal rival and hounded by a private detective investigating mythical mysteries, the shapeshifting god searches for answers and a fresh start.

With millennia of experience facing fabled foes, Zarik finds a chance at redemption. The god joins the extraordinary detective, Scarlett Wolfe, who finds reason in myths and illogical motives. But having already been the murder weapon in one of Scarlett’s mysteries, Zarik fears a death god can only add to the problem.

To stop a manipulative killer that inflames the worst of mortal hearts, Zarik faces a regrettable past and precarious future to prove a daeva can be more than demon and doom.