About Darius

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We all have a personal journey. Our own narrative. A different perspective.

Most of us take risks in our lives; we move jobs, put ourselves out there, or just try a new flavor of ice cream. I didn’t do much of that. My favorite ice cream is anything with brownies in it, and a risky day is trying something with fudge.

I lived my life in a similar fashion, choosing the easiest path available and letting my hunger for knowledge early in life allow me to coast by. My brownie-to-fudge moment was going from an undergrad in economics to a master’s in finance. Thrilling stuff. World shattering.

Now, you may be saying that such a change was enough craziness for a lifetime. Well, it was, until I quit my job in finance, moved as close as I could to the other side of the world (Texas to Hong Kong), and decided to find a better way.

My better way is to follow my dream of being an author. I’ve written novels in my spare time since high school, but have never thought of myself as good enough to do it. Whereas math, numbers, and science were easy and natural, words were not.

But even if my words fail me; if they do not come easily, and I have to yank each one out of me to throw them into a story, it is not failure. Following your dreams never is. With every word, I am not dreaming of being an author – I am one.